Six Benefits Of Using A Prostate Massager

Six Benefits Of Using A Prostate Massager

More men than ever before are taking the plunge and getting into prostate play. Whether it’s because they’ve heard of the potential health benefits or enjoy it, this is becoming a part of mainstream consciousness. And it’s about time! What used to be considered taboo or even a shameful kink is transforming the lives of men and their partners everywhere. One of the most popular forms of prostate play is using a prostate massager.

Before we get into those health and sex benefits of using a prostate massager, let’s do a quick review of the prostate itself. Most men have heard of the prostate concerning cancer, which is hardly a positive association. Still, it’s an unavoidable fact that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, after skin cancer. But for now, let’s set that concern aside and talk about the prostate itself.

The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut that sits just below your urinary bladder. The urethra passes through the middle of it. Along with the neighboring seminal vesicles, it’s responsible for most of the contents of your ejaculate. It’s located a few inches up inside your rectum on the front-facing side. It’s full of nerves that can make you see fireworks if stimulated just the right way.

And that’s exactly the part that has so many men intrigued. The English language is running out of descriptive terms for what sex with prostate stimulation feels like. “Facemelting.” “Bone-shattering.” “Toe-curling.” With endorsements like those, who wouldn’t be curious? So let’s take a look at our top six benefits of using a prostate massager.

1. Pleasure

All other things being equal, prostate stimulation feels amazing. There’s a good reason why the prostate is also known affectionately as the “male G-spot,” or simply “P-spot.” And stimulating it isn’t all that different from how a G-spot is stimulated. Pressing, rubbing, or vibing it will deliver next-level shudders throughout your body. It can be used as foreplay, or during (or even as) the main event. If done right, you’ll be back for more.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

If you prefer a more clinical reason to experiment, there is evidence to suggest that a prostate massager can help with erectile dysfunction. Your erection depends on strong blood flow during arousal. Massaging (also known as “milking”) the prostate makes the whole area simply engorge with blood. So, it would make sense that it helps get you (and keep you) hard. Plus, did we mention that it feels kind of good? That helps, too.

3. Painful Ejaculation

This isn’t a common condition, but it’s probably a very, very memorable one if it happens to you. Lots of bits have to cooperate to make an ejaculation happen, so there are many opportunities for one of those parts to misfire. Blockages, infection, and inflammation are common reasons for painful ejaculation. This is a case for a medical specialist, but it’s been suggested that a prostate massager can help alleviate some of the pressure.

4. Trouble Urinating

If you feel like you’re about to burst but all you’re getting is a trickle, your prostate might be to blame. Your urethra goes right through the middle of your prostate, so if it’s inflamed for any reason, it can choke off your stream. Consult a doctor right away, but a prostate massager might be able to reduce swelling in the short term. It won’t hurt to try, and any success is worth celebrating under the circumstances.

5. Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a bacterial infection and no laughing matter. Symptoms include some of our greatest hits from earlier: ejaculatory pain, burning during urination or weak urine stream, plus overall discomfort in your taint. You’ll want to get these symptoms under control as fast as you can. This is a job for antibiotics. There isn’t a ton of supporting evidence, but a prostate massager has been reported as helpful by some doctors.

6. Enlarged Prostate

Unlike prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate isn’t something to panic over. It’s a reversible condition and readily treatable, which is good news since most men over 50 will experience it. It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that an enlarged prostate would cause difficulty urinating, plus painful and frequent urination. A prostate massager may help with providing relief for the swelling, but pay a visit to your doctor right away.

On the pleasure side of things, for many men, a prostate massager is an intense enhancement to their usual sex play. Masturbating or sex with a partner while using a prostate massager will produce those face-melting, bone-shattering orgasms you’ve read about.

Some men can even have full ejaculations from prostate massage alone, but that should be thought of as a goal rather than an expectation. Whatever your reason, it may be time to give a prostate massager a try.

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