How To Achieve A Natural Healthy Glow

How To Achieve A Natural Healthy Glow

Glowing skin is in. Sure, celebrities easily achieve a natural healthy glow when they strut down the red carpet – but how can you achieve that natural dewy look without the help of an Instagram filter? It may take a bit of trial and error – but it is possible to find that lit-from-within look without spending thousands on a skincare routine.

You can always give your skin an extra burst of hydration with iv drip therapy before a special event. But simple changes like eating healthier and drinking plenty of water will slowly change your skin from within, while topical products like serums and exfoliants can help release your natural glow.

Find A Skincare Routine That Works For You 

Everyone’s skin is different. Finding a skincare routine that works for you may take some experimentation. The products may vary based on your unique skin type and level of sensitivity; however, you’ll want to use each of these products daily to find your glow.

  1. Daily Cleanser – use morning and night to purify pores. Avoid products that make your skin feel too tight, as you may be removing your skin’s natural oils, which are essential for a dewy look.
  2. Serums – address specific skin concerns like acne, fine lines, or hyperpigmentation. Retinols are popular for evening use, whereas vitamin C serums can brighten skin as part of a morning routine.
  3. Moisturizer – will lock in hydration and keep skin looking plump. If you have oily skin, avoid heavy cream-based moisturizers and lighter, gel-based, non-comedogenic formulas.

Look for products formulated to address specific skin concerns you have. Always test a small amount of a new product inside your risk to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction. Wait a full 48 hours before applying it to your face.

Always Apply SPF 

Sun damage is no joke! Youthful skin needs to be protected from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Regular sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. After moisturizing each morning, apply a mineral-based SPF before your makeup.

Many CC creams are now available which include SPF in their formula. They provide a subtle tint to hide imperfections while allowing your natural healthy glow to shine.

Regularly Exfoliate 

Regular exfoliation will help brighten your skin by removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. Many women skip this critical step in their weekly skincare routine which can release their natural glow.

For some skin types, it is safe to use a gentle exfoliant every day, whereas for those with dry or sensitive skin, once or twice a week is plenty. It’s best to slowly add new exfoliants to your regimen to find what works best for you.

Be Aware Of What Goes Into Your Body 

A balanced diet is essential to achieve healthy glowing skin. The products you use on your skin are only one piece of the puzzle. Avoid eating over-processed foods like chips and candy. These foods can cause oxidative stress, overtime these foods could cause acne and inflammation.

Prioritize whole foods over processed grains. Antioxidant-rich foods like salmon, berries, and nuts are rich in omega-3s, which some studies have shown to address common skin issues related to oxidative stress.

Avoid Smoking 

If you want lovely glowing skin, don’t light up a cigarette. Most people know in this day and age that smoking is toxic. Lighting up can also cause premature aging as smoking deprives your skin of oxygen. No one wants early wrinkles. Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke to keep your skin youthful for years to come.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

When you are healthy, you look healthy. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water daily helps your body function at its best. Drinking more water won’t drastically change the appearance of your skin. Staying hydrated won’t fill in existing wrinkles, but it will increase blood flow, helping you achieve a natural and healthy glow.

Your skin gets most of its hydration from the moisturizer you use and your environment. Always moisturize after a bath or shower to lock in essential hydration. If you live in a dry climate, use a humidifier in your bedroom to keep your skin hydrated from the outside while you sleep.

Boost Your Glow With IV Drip Therapy 

When you have a special event, like a wedding, on the horizon, you want to do everything you can to ensure your skin is luminous. Go beyond your everyday skincare routine by indulging in IV drip therapy.

An IV will deliver essential B vitamins directly to the source, allowing you to absorb 40% more than oral supplements. Replenish and restore your skin with IV drip therapy before your special event and bask in your natural, healthy glow.

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