The Beginner’s Guide to CBD and Your Love Life

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If you’re considering introducing CBD to your sex life, you might wonder what its effects are. Will it increase your libido? Does CBD lower the anxiety surrounding sexual activity? Might it affect the intensity of your orgasms?

Any questions about introducing a substance to your sex life are valid, as it’s normal to be concerned about safety and the potential repercussions you might face. If you want to learn more about how CBD affects sexual activity, you’re in the right place. Allow us to break down everything you might want to know about CBD and sex, especially if you’re just starting on this journey.

CBD Is Available in Certain Lubricants

If you’re wondering how common adding CBD to a sexual routine is, you’ll be pleased to know it’s possible to find it in natural lube. CBD-based natural lube can be a great supplement to the natural lubrication that your body makes on its own, in addition to introducing CBD in a body-safe way.

Natural lube may also be a good choice if you’re concerned about introducing new ingredients to your body. Natural lube often contains naturally-derived ingredients, so you are far more likely to recognize the ingredients written on a bottle of natural lube.

Reduce Anxiety

Whether you add CBD to your sex acts orally or through a natural lube, you’re likely to reduce anxiety levels. Reducing these levels might be especially useful if you generally experience stress or fear around having sex, allowing you to relax and enjoy the activity more than usual. CBD may help your muscles release tension and stop contracting so you can relax without affecting your overall mental function.

Increase Libido

Some scientific studies claim that CBD can increase your libido, which you may want to know before you decide to bring it into the bedroom. However, a few studies also that show CBD can decrease libido, so it’s best to experiment to see what works for you. You may find this useful if you’re looking to match up your libido with another sexual partner.

Increase Level of Sexual Arousal

Depending on how you apply CBD, you might also experience more intense sexual arousal. As blood flow increases in certain body parts, the penis, vagina, and some other secondary sex characteristics, will engorge with more blood.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

If you experience pain or discomfort during sex, you may also find that CBD can improve this. By reducing tension in your muscles, your body is more likely to relax; this reduces the likelihood that anything you insert into your body will bring too much friction.

Additionally, if you decide to use a CBD natural lube, there will be less dryness and more easy glide than normal. Vaginal dryness generally makes sexual activity less comfortable, especially when you’re on the receiving end of penetration, and CBD may assist with this problem.

Reduce Issues With Erectile Dysfunction

If you or your partner have a penis, the possibility of erectile dysfunction comes into play. While CBD, either used orally or topically on the penis, may not be a cure-all for this issue, it can certainly decrease the intensity of this problem. 

You can use CBD as a supplement to any medication prescribed to you by a doctor and combat issues you have if you’re feeling nervous and having a hard time staying erect. CBD can work to ease this particular issue because it encourages blood flow.

Increased Sensitivity

Especially if you apply CBD topically to your vulva, you’ll likely experience increased sensitivity during sexual activity. As the CBD encourages more blood flow to the area, the clitoris may become more erect, and any touch will likely feel more intense, whether this involves licking, digital play, toys, or something else. Heightened sensitivity may make sexual activity more enjoyable, taking your mind away from other worries or obligations and distracting you with sexual pleasure.

Extra Natural Lubrication

Additionally, if you’ve had issues with vaginal dryness, adding CBD into the mix may help encourage your body’s lubricant production. With increased blood flow to your vagina, you may also find that you are wetter down there than expected, which assists with a more slippery glide, reduced friction, and allows for an exciting bedroom experience.

More Intense Orgasms

By now, you’re aware that CBD encourages blood flow around the vagina, penis, and other parts of your body. Not only is this likely to make you feel more turned on and sensitive during sex, but it is also commonly known for making orgasms feel more intense for all involved parties; this is quite the exciting draw and encourages many people to test out CBD during their sexual activities.


If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, CBD could be the answer you’ve been searching for. It can enhance your libido, make orgasms feel more intense, reduce the anxiety you might have surrounding sex, and much more. If you’ve been intrigued by the idea of using CBD in the bedroom, we hope you give it a try. Get ready to have some fun!

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