4 Things You Should Do To Help Your Mother Deal With Arthritis

4 Things You Should Do To Help Your Mother Deal With Arthritis

Has your mother recently been diagnosed with arthritis? In that case, she probably showed signs of decreased mobility and pain or stiffness in her joints. Arthritis can severely damage the bone or cartilage, making it hard for her to perform daily tasks alone. 

However, you shouldn’t worry because 53.2 million adults have some form of inflammation or joint pain. That means there are abundant treatment options in the medical industry. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ease your mother’s pain and assist her with daily activities. 

In this blog, we will list four things you should do to help your mom deal with arthritis.

Seek Professional Help When You Aren’t Around

There’s a possibility that you cannot stay with your mom all the time. That’s why you should hire a nurse for the time you cannot be there to support her daily chores. These at-home nurses are highly qualified and trained because they graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. 

Some caregivers have also completed offline or online accelerated second degree BSN programs from reputed universities. These programs put the nurses through rigorous coursework and intensive clinical trials for 14 months. Hence, they can take care of an arthritis patient by giving medicines on time, providing bathroom assistance, exercising, fixing a diet plan, caring for wounds, etc.

According to Holy Family University, they are dedicated to their academics due to their perseverance and unwavering commitment. Hence, the nurse you hire will have enough knowledge to care for someone with arthritis. They can encourage physical activities, keep track of their treatment options, help them with a well-balanced diet, etc.

All these prove that the nurses are compassionate and confident about the caregiving services they provide. Therefore, your mother will be in safe and capable hands. 

Prepare Their House For A Life With Arthritis

You need to make a few adjustments in her home to facilitate easy cooking, bathing, and other tasks for your mother. According to the Arthritis Foundation, you don’t need to spend too much on remodeling the house or making improvements. All you have to do is make safe changes to help your mother perform her activities without accidents.

For instance, your mother might have a problem bending down. That’s why you should keep utensils higher on the counter to make them easier to reach. She can also use a grabber tool to get the things she needs. 

Similarly, you can buy smaller items to make it easier for your mother to handle cooking and cleaning utensils. Putting chairs next to the sink or in the bathroom can also help. 

To avoid slips and falls, you can install grab bars or slip mats in the bathroom. Also, don’t forget to remove throw rugs, keep walking paths devoid of obstacles, and install guard rails for her safety. 

Even with these, your mother might be susceptible to accidents. That’s why you need to hire nurses to assist her with daily chores. 

Help Them Relieve Pain Naturally With A Changed Diet

The type of food your mother eats daily can either protect her from severe pain or become a risk factor. Certain nutrients act as pro-inflammatory agents when it comes to arthritis. Therefore, intake should be limited to once or twice a month. 

Foods your mother should avoid include added sugar and processed red meat. Moreover, she shouldn’t have gluten, certain vegetable oils, alcohol, coffee, or sugar-sweetened drinks. 

Instead, you should ask her to include a variety of anti-inflammatory foods daily. She will need a well-balanced diet containing antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Examples include fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, nuts, etc. You should also make sure that she drinks plenty of water throughout the day.

Help Her Understand The Importance Of Exercising

Did you know that one-third of patients with arthritis won’t engage in physical activity? Yes, your mother might also prefer not to exercise due to her increasing joint pain. However, exercising is the only way to keep her body strong and control the symptoms. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, simple exercises like walking or swimming could help keep the joints moving, decrease pain, and improve balance. It can also alleviate the patient’s mood, help control their weight, increase energy, and strengthen muscles. 

Exercises for arthritis include full-range body movements and muscle strengthening. Examples include hand rolling, arm stretching, weight training, cardio, and aerobic activities. However, you should consult a doctor before helping your mother perform any of these exercises. 

In summary, you must stay positive and help your mother with every little thing if she has developed arthritis in her old age. The helpful tips shared in this blog will assist you in caring for your mother in the best way. 

For instance, you must hire a professional to assist her when you aren’t physically present. Moreover, you should prepare the house to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Apart from the usual medications, you should also encourage them to eat healthy and exercise daily. All these will help enhance their quality of life.

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