3 Ways To Improve Gym Security

Ways To Improve Gym Security

Did you know that women who were victims of phone theft at the gym lost as much as $14,000 while working out? Gym security is no joke, and you must protect the patrons of your gym while they use your facilities.

Which are the best ways to improve gym security?

Keep reading as we explore the best tools, tips, and technologies to bring your gym into the future with streamlined and foolproof security technologies. Consider which of these tools will help improve the workout experience at your gym.

Install Touchless Access Control

Touchless access control quickly dominates the security scene and with good reason. Access control is a necessary installation for gyms. It helps secure your facility from non-members looking for a complimentary session by sneaking in for a weightlifting session. It also stops non-members from entering the premises and stealing from your valued members.

Traditionally, gyms have used access control solutions with keycards, fobs, pin pads, and thumbprint scanners to permit access for their members. But, since the pandemic, health and safety has been top of mind for most service providers. 

Touchless access control is a cloud-based security solution that allows your members to enter the building more hygienically. Instead of using a keycard or fob to enter the building, users can enter with a digital keycard stored on their mobile devices. By switching to this type of security system, you gain the following advantages for your security strategy:

  • Touchless entry – users can enter the building by waving their hands over the access control reader. There’s no need to swipe a card or touch a button. By waving their hand over the reader, the user can trigger remote communication with their mobile device to unlock the door and permit entry – without spreading any germs in the process.
  • First-time entry – the reader uses three modes of communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular) to detect the user’s access credentials. By using three communication methods, the reader is guaranteed to see the user’s credentials on the first attempt for foolproof security and swift foot traffic on your premises.
  • Easy onboarding – rather than creating new fobs for new members, you can simply provide them with instructions on how to download their mobile access credentials, making the onboarding process much easier.
  • Open API integrations – touchless access control is a cloud-based security solution that allows you to leverage open API integrations, expanding the function of your security hardware with software integrations.
  • Remote management – system administrators and security staff can easily unlock doors using a mobile app, simplifying the entry process for visitors and delivery people.

Consider whether upgrading your access control solution could make daily building operations easier for your staff and members.

Provide Full-Coverage Security Cameras

Full-coverage security cameras and parking lot video surveillance are essential at your gym. For every public space in your gym (excluding lavatories and changing rooms), there should be an entire network of security cameras with no blind spots. To ensure full coverage and no blind spots without purchasing more security hardware, it’s best to consult a security professional during installation. 

They will be able to ensure optimal placement for your cameras so there are no blind spots that a criminal could take advantage of. In addition to ensuring proper security camera placement, you might consider investing in a cloud-based security camera system. Cloud-based surveillance offers the following benefits for your security strategy when compared with on-premise systems:

  • Easy installation – unlike on-premise systems, a cloud-based surveillance system requires no wiring, making the installation process much more manageable. There’s no need to plan out your wiring infrastructure. Simply select a position and install. Most cloud-based cameras are rechargeable, meaning you won’t need a power source for installation.
  • Remote visibility – your security team can easily view and manage security camera data from anywhere using their mobile devices. They won’t need to sit in a monitor room all day to stay up-to-date on security threats and building operations.

Leverage Open API Integrations To Enhance Your Security Hardware

If you choose cloud-based security hardware for your gym, you gain the advantage of open API integrations. Here are some of the top software integrations to help you enhance your security hardware for more agile and responsive security.

Automated Threat Detection

Your security camera system typically only provides evidence for crimes that have occurred on the premises. Using automated threat detection, however, you can increase the likelihood of your team successfully spotting and preventing security breaches. 

Automated threat detection is an AI solution you can integrate with your security camera system. It uses behavior and object recognition to spot unusual activity like weapons and forced entry, providing your team with an immediate mobile alert so they can act quickly and minimize risk. This technology is invaluable and can boost the potential for successful interception of criminals on your premises.

Wellness Verification Software

In the modern climate, a big part of keeping your gym safe is protecting people’s health and safety. Wellness verification software allows you to track your members’ symptoms and prevent individuals with COVID-19 symptoms from entering the premises. 

The software integrates with your access control system, providing users with digital surveys to fill out based on their symptoms. If they are symptomatic, their access will be restricted, and they won’t be allowed to enter the building until they have taken a negative test.

Visitor Management Software

Like wellness verification software, this technology integrates with your access control system to give users digital registration surveys. Any visitors entering your building can enter by filling out their details on a digital registration form. 

Upon completing the form, they can gain temporary access to the building with mobile keycards. These keycards will be revoked when they leave, removing the possibility of reentry. Implementing this technology can help you allow guests to enter with day passes without employing reception staff at your gym.


New security technologies are making it easier for gym and health club owners to develop strong and agile security strategies. Are you doing enough to keep your members and their belongings safe on your premises? Consider which technologies this post outlined would best improve any gaps in your security strategy.

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