What Is A Long-Term Disability?

What Is A Long-Term Disability

More and more people are now insured for long-term disabilities, which is excellent. It means that their income is protected should the worst end up happening. But what is classed as a long-term disability? Well, this is tough to answer. Let’s explain why.

What Is A Long-Term Disability?

This is something that is going to vary from policy to policy. You will always need to check the terms and conditions of any long-term disability insurance policy. This is because insurance companies can change their definitions up.

For the most part, anything that will impact you for years will likely come under a long-term disability. So, a broken leg may be a short-term disability. However, if you had to have that leg amputated, this would be moving on to a lengthy disability. Your insurance policy should give you a rough idea of what the insurance company believes is a long-term disability. This means how long you can expect to be out of action for the insurance policy to trigger.

You may find these conditions are classed as being a long-term issue:

  • Mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, etc.
  • HIV or AIDs
  • Cancer
  • Muscle and joint issues e.g., arthritis 

If you are unsure as to whether your disability is going to be covered under your policy, then you will need to reach out to the insurance company. As reluctant as many of them will be to want to make payouts to you, they are not going to lie about what is covered under their policies. 

How Can You Prove Your Disability Is Long-Term?

Every insurance company will have its requirements on this front. You will need to talk to them.

However, every insurance company will require a medical report that shows that you have a disability for the long term. This will need to be prepared by an expert, sometimes of the insurance company’s choosing.

So, if you cannot show that you have a long-term disability, then you will not be able to claim under the policy. Unfortunately, many people will find that they must jump through hoops to prove their disability. Insurance companies will never take you at your word and will require evidence after evidence. 

What Happens If Your Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?

Sadly, many people do find that they have their insurance claim denied. This is standard for many insurance companies. In this case, you may want to turn to a long-term disability lawyer to see whether they can help. 

If you have a genuine disability and insurance, you will likely be able to make a successful claim at some point. It is just a case of gathering the proper evidence or saying the right things to the insurance provider. We know that many people will find it a tremendous amount of hassle, but that is what the lawyer is there for. They know what to say to deal with the insurance policy. 

Remember, the insurance company may also need regular evidence to show that your disability is still ongoing. They will never give you a decision, which then covers you forever. That wouldn’t be very sensible of them. This is another thing that you will need to battle with regularly. How often this happens will be contingent on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Make sure that you read them.

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