Why Does My Nose Keep Twitching

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If your nose keeps twitching, there’s probably a good reason why. For many people, this quirk happens from time to time. It might spook you at first, but there is no need for alarm. This article explains everything about why your nose keeps twitching and how you can reduce the likelihood of it happening again soon. The causes and solutions are outlined in detail below.

Why Does My Nose Keep Twitching?

Hiccups and twitches are different

While both can be triggered by nervousness, hiccups are short-term and twitchy nose is long-term. Hiccups usually last for about a minute, whereas nose twitching can persist for hours. Hiccups are involuntary, whereas a twitchy nose is involuntary but controllable. Nerves in the face and head control the muscles in the nose. The triggers are many, but they all stem from anxiety. Some common causes of anxiety include pressure at work, a big project, or a looming event.

Video game compulsion and nerve disorders

Some researchers believe that severe cases of the twitchy noses can be linked to a compulsive disorder in extreme gamers. When they are playing, dopamine levels in the brain are elevated – this is what makes them feel “high.” Once the game is stopped, dopamine levels plummet and the gamer experiences a “crash” – which could cause twitches. Other researchers believe that this could stem from a neurological disorder. They believe that the disorder is similar to Tourette’s, causing both the twitchy nose and a compulsive need to click a mouse button or key repeatedly.

Anxiety and stress

Some people are more prone to anxiety and stress than others. If you are one of these people, then you might find your nose keeps twitching from time to time. Stress can also exacerbate other conditions such as TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) and snoring. While most people are aware of the importance of sleeping enough, many forget about the importance of cutting down on stress. If you find that your nose keeps twitching, try practicing relaxation exercises, getting more sleep, and taking steps to manage stress. A few minutes of relaxing every day can be enough to reduce anxiety.

TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder)

If you feel pain or pressure in your face when your nose keeps twitching, it could be linked to TMJD. This is also known as “jaw” disorder and jaw clenching. One of the main symptoms of TMJD is constant pain in the jaw joint. The joint becomes inflamed and stiff, causing headaches, earaches, and nose twitching. If your nose keeps twitching, it could be a symptom of TMJD. See a doctor to discuss the possibility and to get treatment. The doctor will likely refer you to a dentist and/or an oral surgeon.

Sniffing and Sneezing: The Basics

The muscles inside your nose contract and relax every time you inhale and sneeze. They are involuntary, so you can’t make them stop. If you feel your nose keeps twitching, make sure you aren’t inadvertently holding your nose closed. There is a specific anatomical reason why the nose keeps twitching. The nostrils are connected to the back of the throat, so when the muscles contract, they push air back through the mouth.

Stress and Your Nervous System

Some people are genetically more prone to anxiety than others. If you find your nose keeps twitching, you might want to consider that there is a link between stress and your nervous system. Certain parts of your brain and nervous system are linked to feelings of anxiety, excitement, and nervousness. If you find that your nose keeps twitching, it could be due to anxiety.

Lack of Sleep, Too Much Coffee

If you find your nose keeps twitching, it could be due to lack of sleep and/or too much coffee. Both of these are culprits of nervousness, which can lead to your nose keeping twitching. Keep in mind that a lack of sleep and too much coffee are also linked to headaches, irritability, and a reduced attention span.


Allergies can cause nasal congestion, which leads to frequent sniffing. While some people like to think that their nose keeps twitching due to allergies, it’s a myth. If you’re allergic to something and you keep sniffing, it’s not your nose keeping twitching. However, allergies can lead to frequent nose twitching, so if you’re noticing a twitchy nose, it’s possible that allergies are the culprit.

Hormonal Imbalance

If you’re a woman who’s noticing a twitchy nose, it could be due to a hormonal imbalance. Women experience many different hormonal changes throughout their lifetimes. These changes can lead to a reduction in serotonin – the chemical that makes us feel happy. If your serotonin levels are too low, you could find yourself with a twitchy nose. A doctor can prescribe medication to help boost serotonin levels and reduce the likelihood of a twitchy nose.

Medication Side Effects

Some medications are notorious for causing side effects like a twitchy nose. If you find that your nose keeps twitching and you’ve recently started a new medication, it could be responsible. Take a look at the side effects listed on the package, and note if your nose keeps twitching is listed. If it is, talk to your doctor about stopping the medication and trying something different.

Is there a way to make your nose stop twitching? 

  1.   You must be breathing through your mouth or find a way to breathe through your nose.
  2.   The most common reason for twitching is from allergies, so go and see an allergy specialist.
  3.   If you are a women and notice you are more likely to twitch with your own hormonal changes then there is a possibility that it’s linked to this.
  4.   If the twitching seems to be caused by stress in your life, try finding some ways that you can get control of the stress and try not to let it get out of control as well as not consuming any caffeine products before going to sleep as this can make it worse as well as reducing other bad habits such as daily smoking or drinking too much alcohol which all lead back to stress levels that can cause a twitchy nose while sleeping at night while these habits might seem like they relax you when they do not relieve stress from everyday life and once again those are the top reasons for nose twitching which can easily be avoided by not over doing things in life but keep yourself calm when possible which could prevent nasal twitching or if it does soothe it with meditation if needed but only after seeing an allergy specialist first if this doesn’t work, then ask for advice on how to stop the nose from twitching like a twitchy nose doctor will tell you but try natural remedies first before asking for professional help for a twitchy nose because many doctors don’t know anything about it and won’t know what to tell you unless they have a degree in it and will think you are crazy.

Final Word

Nose twitching is a common phenomenon, and all you need to do is let it be. But if you want to stop it, try some of the remedies above. Let us know how it goes in the comments. If you are worrying about your nose twitching while sleeping, read this article here: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-a-Twitchy-Nose If you want to get rid of your twitchy nose foreverthen check  Nose Twitching Cure Review  and see what’s inside!!

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