Why Eye Protection Should Be Used In Healthcare Settings

Why Eye Protection Should Be Used in Healthcare Settings

The eyes are windows to the soul, but they are also windows to our bodies. Perhaps one of our most valuable biological assets, our eyes allow us to see, observe, and make decisions based on visual data. Thus, taking care of, and protecting our eyes is an important task. This is a common practice in professions like construction, the use of power tools, and in a number of sciences (such as applied chemistry). But what about the medical field? While it may not be your first thought of where eye protection is needed, the medical field may be among the most important avenues for eye protection. Let’s examine why.

Fluid And Discharge

Alright, we know it’s not the best thing to imagine, but projectile fluids and discharge are fairly common within a healthcare setting. Whether it’s from the skin (puss, blood, etc.), airborne through coughs and sneezes, or a release from the stomach, there are plenty of ways that bacteria could reach your eyes. While you may instinctively shut your eyes, or attempt to avoid this, your best option is safety goggles. 

Foreign bacteria reaching the eyes can mean anything from irritation, to infection, to serious injury. Neither of these is worth risking your sight. Thankfully, eye protection is not too difficult to come by. Products like Stoggles offer fashionable, anti-fog goggles, and prescription safety glasses that can help you ensure that your eyes are safe at work. Especially if you work with people who may put you at risk of infection in or through the eyes.

Chemicals And Gasses

Working in the medical field means that you will find yourself in the vicinity of a number of chemicals, cleaning supplies, and even gasses. While these may not be incredibly dangerous chemicals, they may pose a danger to your eyes. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, for instance, can severely burn your eyes, and even the gasses can irritate your sight. Wearing safety goggles can help you ensure that these not only never reach your eyes, but that they never cause irritation due simply to proximity.

Worrying about the health and safety of your eyes throughout your shift is not worth it. Taking the step to wear safety glasses or goggles to ensure that you can check that box and focus on your work is not only good for your own health, but may help you better serve others. This also protects you from any instance where you may accidentally touch something contaminated—whether chemically, bacterially, etc.—and then attempt to touch your eyes due to an itch or irritation.

Blue Light Protection

Some safety goggles, such as the aforementioned Stoggles, offer blue light protection as well. Blue light is the light emitted from computers, smartphones, and most screens. Many in the medical field spend significant time in front of screens. Whether it be analyzing X-rays or ultrasounds, or keeping up with data on computers, or any other digital task, it can be quite easy to get overexposed to blue light.

Blue light can cause us to grow exhausted more quickly, to get headaches or migraines, and can make our eyes achey and tired. Wearing goggles with a blue light filter can help ensure that you don’t suffer these side-effects of blue light, and are able to maintain energetic and effective eyesight throughout the day. Even avoiding blue light headaches can be a mood-saver throughout a day, especially when your job requires a lot of mental energy. 

Prescription Help

Glasses are expensive, and for those with visual impairments, risking the integrity of your glasses throughout a shift can end up taking a financial toll. Additionally, regular cleaning of your glasses, risking breakage, and having to wear them under safety goggles can be a hassle and a stress. Getting specific prescription safety goggles can be a great way to combat this issue, especially if you find some that are stylish and comfortable. 

This way you can leave your normal day-to-day glasses at home, swap them for your safety glasses and know that your prescription is the same. You don’t have to worry about the discomfort of goggles on glasses, and you don’t have to worry about buying a new pair of glasses if something goes wrong.

It’s Never A Bad Decision

It’s never a bad decision to wear safety glasses, especially in the medical field. Finding a comfortable pair of safety glasses can allow you to release the worry of your visual health, knowing that they are protected from anything that might occur. This not only frees you to focus more on your job, but also lets you be more secure in your health as you enter and exit the workplace.

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