How Probiotics Can Help Hair Growth

How Probiotics Can Help Hair Growth

There are tons of supplements on the market aimed at helping you grow stronger, healthier hair. But, do they work? Are those supplements targeting the right parts of the body to support healthier hair? One supplement you don’t have to question the effectiveness of is probiotics. Yes, probiotics for hair growth can be effective! 

Healing your body from the inside can have major benefits on the outside and that includes your hair. Specifically, probiotics support your scalp health which then results in benefits for your hair. Read on to learn how (and why) you should add a probiotic to your daily routine to support hair growth.

What Factors Influence Poor Hair Health?

There are many reasons why people experience challenges with hair health from lifestyle factors to changes within the body. When you understand the root cause of poor hair health, you can determine what your body needs to properly nourish your locks.

Stress can have a major impact on the health of your hair. Stress heightens cortisol levels in the body and can cause hair follicles to go enter a resting phase or simply stop growing. When your stress levels are really high, that can lead to hair loss. Nutrition also plays into hair health. Consuming a diet rich in protein, iron, and zinc as well as drinking plenty of water can all contribute to strong healthy hair. When your body isn’t well-fueled with those foods and water, you could notice an effect on your hair. 

For many people, hair challenges are a result of health conditions or effects on the body. Hair loss can be heredity and many people find they lose more hair as they age. Birthing people can experience hormonal changes after pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause which results in changes to hair health. 

Whatever the factor is that’s causing hair damage, taking a probiotic can help stimulate better hair growth. A probiotic will support healthy hair from the inside out and can be more effective than topical treatments. If the cause of your hair loss is related to medications or therapies, speak with your doctor before adding a probiotic into your diet.

The Gut And Its Influence On Your Well-Being

Probiotics are commonly used to heal the gut. The supplement is made of good bacteria that help your body fight the bad bacteria that could be causing inflammation, digestive issues, and a weakened immune system. Typically, probiotics are known for supporting a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) system. While that is one of the primary benefits, there can be incredible results throughout the body.

Your gut is essentially the center of your well-being and is connected to every function in your body and mind. Taking the best probiotic supplement that’s healing your gut improves the overall health of every other function, which includes the scalp and hair. Simply put, a healthy gut microbiome influences a healthy scalp microbiome to result in healthy hair growth.

Probiotic Benefits And The Result On Your Hair Health

In addition to gut health, probiotics can also be effective in balancing your hormones, which also has a positive effect on hair health. So, how do the benefits of a probiotic result in healthy hair? Three major results of taking a probiotic are that it’s anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system, and balances hormones. If any of those results are not operating correctly in the body, it can result in hair loss. Introducing a probiotic that resolves those issues then results in benefits to hair health.

How do probiotics for hair growth reach the hair? Through the scalp. Probiotics can provide nourishment to the hair follicles and their surrounding blood vessels to strengthen the hair. Probiotics also help strengthen the skin cells which can result in thicker hair. As the hair grows, you might notice stronger hair, less hair loss, and an overall improvement in the hair’s appearance, like hair that appears shiny, smooth, and well-nourished.


Probiotics heal your gut from the inside out and help your body in so many ways. If you’re ready to grow thicker, stronger hair that has a beautiful shine to it, consider adding a probiotic for hair growth into your diet. LoveWellness features a probiotic supplement, Healthy Hair Probiotics, that’s specifically designed to support longer, thicker, and shinier hair, while helping to reduce hair shedding. Start a routine with probiotics and enjoy the newfound beauty of your luscious locks.

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