Is Pocky Healthy? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Let’s be real: most of us readily admit that the snacks we love and crave tend to be decidedly unhealthier than we’d like them to be. There are plenty of reasons why we opt for Oreos over carrots, but as long as we keep an eye on our diets, it’s probably not something to fret about too much. We know these things aren’t good for us, but they sure do taste great! Perhaps this is part of the reason why pocky has become such a popular snack. It’s tasty, fun, and has a reputation for being healthy, or does it? In this article, you will learn more about pocky and whether or not it is actually healthy.

Is Pocky Healthy?

It can be healthy, but it depends on what type of Pocky you are eating. The most popular types of Pocky are the strawberry and chocolate flavors. The strawberry flavor is healthier because it has less sugar and calories than the chocolate flavor. However, if you eat too many packs of Pocky in one day, then it could be unhealthy because you would be consuming too many calories and sugar.

Is Pocky Healthy?

1. Pocky Is Made With Sugar

Sugar is the enemy of health and weight control, but some people don’t seem to realize that. Pocky is made with sugar, which means it’s going to provide you with a quick burst of energy whenever you eat it. If you want to lose weight, this is not the snack for you.

2. Pocky Is High In Calories And Fat

A lot of snack food items are high in calories and fat, but this doesn’t mean they are necessarily unhealthy for your body. To be considered healthy, snacks should have less than 200 calories per cookie or cupcake (depending on the brand). The average pocky has around 300 calories per cookie or cupcake. This makes it a slightly healthier alternative to other snacks like popcorn or chips, but not by much. If you are looking for something healthy and low in calories, look elsewhere! In fact, according to one doctor, pocky can be harmful to your health, especially for those with high cholesterol.

3. Pocky Contains Too Many Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are a very unhealthy part of the diet and are one reason why many people struggle with their weight. They can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, and a number of other health issues. The pocky has a whopping 10 grams of saturated fat in each cookie or cupcake! This is one of the reasons that many doctors fear that pocky can be harmful to your health. If you have high cholesterol or other health issues, this is not good news for you!

4. Pocky Is High In Sodium And Sugar

Pocky has more than 2 grams of sodium per cookie or cupcake (depending on the brand). It also contains sugar (yes, again), which is another unhealthy component of the snack food market. If you are trying to keep your diet as healthy as possible, you should think twice before eating pocky. This snack contains more sugar than a lot of other junk foods like cookies and chips. It’s not healthy, but it is tasty!

5. Pocky Contains Gluten

Some people are allergic to gluten, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the pocky! It is safe for most people to eat gluten-free snacks like pocky because they don’t contain any gluten at all. However, if you have celiac disease or another condition in which you are allergic to gluten, then it is best that you avoid this snack food altogether. You can find a list of brands that contain no gluten here!

6. Pocky Has A Bad Reputation For Weight Loss (And Is Unhealthy)

Pocky has a bad reputation as being unhealthy, so many people choose to avoid it all together. However, this is simply a myth. Pocky has a lot of unhealthy components, but it is still a delicious snack food that many people enjoy. It’s not good for weight loss or health, but it is tasty!

7. Pocky Is Only Good For Snacking

Pocky is designed to be eaten as a snack food, so it’s only good for snacking. If you want to eat something healthy, you should look elsewhere! There are healthier and tastier options out there! However, if you are looking for something to eat while watching your favorite TV show or movie, then pocky can be the perfect choice for you. It’s not a healthy option by any means (with all of the sugar and saturated fat), but it’s still delicious!

Pocky Nutrition

  1. Pocky is a Japanese snack made of crispy wafer sticks coated in chocolate and flavored with orange flavoring. It’s often eaten as a snack, but it’s also used in different types of snacks, like ice cream and cakes.
  2. Pocky was invented by a Japanese confectioner named Mr. Morita in 1922 after he was inspired by the popular American candy cigarettes (similar to chocolate-covered pretzels).
  3. The name “pocky” comes from the word “pocha” which means “to eat” in Japanese, and it is pronounced like the English word “poke.”
  4. Pocky is made with wafers that are coated in dark chocolate with various flavors including orange and strawberry. It is then baked until its crispy texture is achieved and then covered with a layer of dark chocolate for extra flavor.
  5. The first pocky factory in Japan was opened in 1932, which is when Mr. Morita began producing his product commercially.
  6. Pocky is also known for its distinctive shape, which has been likened to a “snowflake” or a “mushroom” by many people who have tried the snack.

More Good Stuff In Pocky

  1. Pocky is a Japanese snack that consists of a thin piece of chocolate sandwiched between two crispy wafers. It’s been around since the early 1900s, but it was originally created as a dessert in the Kyoto area of Japan. There are several different kinds of pocky, which vary in shape, flavor, and ingredients.
  2. Pocky is made from sugar and wheat flour, which makes it slightly healthier than other chocolate treats (like candy bars or marshmallows). However, it could also be considered gluten-free or wheat-free, depending on the brand you choose to purchase.
  3. Pocky is not widely known for its health benefits; however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you! It can be a great snack option for those who struggle with diabetes or hypoglycemia as well as anyone with celiac disease who suffers from an intolerance to gluten. Additionally, many people with a history of heart disease and high cholesterol may find pocky to be an ideal choice.
  4. Pocky is low in calories and fat, but it is high in carbohydrates and sugar. It’s also a good source of protein, niacin, and vitamin B6. Each piece contains approximately 3 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein per serving.
  5. Pocky is not considered to be a high-quality source of calcium, but it is also low in sodium, which makes it a great snack choice for anyone who wants to maintain optimal health.
  6. Pocky contains no trans fat, which means that those who are trying to avoid this type of fat may enjoy this tasty treat without worry!

Is Dark Chocolate Pocky Healthy?

  1. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants, which protect cells from damage. Antioxidants are vital for keeping bodies healthy and functioning properly.
  2. Dark chocolate also contains other nutrients that keep the body healthy as well, including flavonoids and phenols.
  3. Pocky is made with dark chocolate, which is good news because so many people love this sweet treat!
  4. Pocky provides the body with essential minerals, including copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. These minerals are all necessary to maintain proper health and functioning of the body’s various systems.
  5. Pocky is a great source of potassium, an important nutrient that helps regulate blood pressure levels in the body and keeps nerves and muscles working properly as well! Potassium can also help maintain a healthy heart rate by regulating the electrical impulses throughout the nervous system!


Pocky is not an extremely unhealthy snack, but it is not a healthy one either. Pocky is best enjoyed in small amounts, perhaps as a treat once in a while. If you eat it too often, you might notice that your waistline is growing larger and that you’re feeling more lethargic than usual. If you want to enjoy pocky, make sure to track it in My Fitness Pal.

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